Interview with Quest

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In which areas do you expect PostgreSQL to grow most and how does your company contribute to and benefit from that growth?

We can already see improvements to logical replication which is great and would love to see even more. PgAdmin comes a close second.

What is your PostgreSQL centered product?

We have a number of products that we are excited about but the one that we’re hyper on is SharePlex for Postgres. Bringing 25 years of Oracle replication experience to Postgres. You can replication from Postgres to Postgres, Oracle, Snowflake, Kafka, MySQL, XML, JMS, and more.

We appreciate the open source community may not be fully onboard with commercial partnerships. But our enterprise customers really want to come off Oracle but they are reluctant because of the 3rd party ecosystem they’re leaving behind. That’s why we’re proud to support Postgres. Because we know it delivers on the requirements its users have. We’re here for the additional requirements.

What is your company’s mission?

In IT, next is always around the corner – the next need, the next threat, the next technology. As a result, your challenges never stop. Neither do we. From platform migrations to cloud deployments to security and governance, Quest helps you create true IT resilience for your data, infrastructure and systems. Quest Software. Where next meets now.

What makes your company a great place to work?

Questies. The best thing about working at Quest is the people! Quest is a great place to work and what Quest employees value the most is really the energy. It's so uplifting and positive. Everyone is your biggest cheerleader. And they really help you grow professionally but also personally as just an everyday person. We're all coworkers, but at the same time, we're all friends too.

How do you foster diversity in your company?

With employees in 39 countries, Quest strives for realizing equality and inclusion to reflect the global landscape in which we all work and live. The Quest Equality & Inclusion Council and our many Employee Resource Groups exist to cultivate a culture of belonging.

Our commitment includes:

Creating an environment where employees and job applicants are empowered to collaborate and authentically contribute to Quest business goals; developing inclusive employee growth plans and extending outreach to the communities in which we live.

Addressing and dismantling inequities within the current systems in order to grow Quest to truly reflect our brand tagline ‘Where Next Meets Now’.

Encouraging Quest employees to be involved on all levels in bringing ideas and concerns, fostering open employee and management participation in training, education and communication.

Which of your company's contributions to the PostgreSQL Project (code/community/conference) are you most proud of?

We’re a 3rd party commercial vendor and don’t contribute to the source code. That might change in time.

Thank you!