Interview with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

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What is your PostgreSQL centered product?

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Version 15 - Built-in Security, Availability, Resilience and Automation, fully supported by Fujitsu.

Cloud-agnostic and Platform independent, available on RHEL, SUSE and Windows for deployment as native/bare metal, virtualized and Level 5 Operator.

Features Include:

Transparent Data Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard, a PCI DSS-compliant 256-bit encryption technology that is standard for the credit card industry.

Data Masking: Ability to hide sensitive data in production from unauthorised access, replace/obfuscate data when refreshing non-production databases, ensuring legislative compliance, and limit potential attack vectors from malicious internal/external actors.

Dedicated Audit Log: Extends PostgreSQL's audit capability by allowing the system to save audit records to a separate file. Audit records are written by asynchronous workers, further reducing the overhead of log operations. Easy and efficient way for auditors and data security experts to collect and analyze information on database activity.

High Availability: Transparent Failover of application workload in the event of failure of the primary database is a feature that is unique to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres in the market.

In which areas do you expect PostgreSQL to grow most and how does your company contribute to and benefit from that growth?

We expect PostgreSQL to do better in performance, scalability, availability, and easier upgrades to newer version. We do contribute in all of these areas but our primary focus is to improve PostgreSQL's Logical Replication solution which helps to achieve better availability and easier upgrades to newer version (Amit Kapila)

PostgreSQL adoption is expected to grow in response to client demands for a mature OLTP database with flexible deployment options required for quick-to-market business transformation and application modernisation initiatives without a large price tag. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres delivers on these requirements whilst also delivering critical organisational requirements for Security, Availability, Resilience and Automation, out of the box. Furthermore, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is 100% compliant with Open Source PostgreSQL, ensuring no vendor lock-in, and is 100% supported by Fujitsu. (Anand Subramanian)

Which of your company's contributions to the PostgreSQL Project (code/community/conference) are you most proud of?

Fujitsu has been a proud contributor to the development of Open Source PostgreSQL for over 20 years commitment to Open Source Postgres and ongoing support of the community.

From past few years, we are working with community to improve Logical Replication solution. Support of two phase commit and ability to apply row filters in Logical Replication were among some of the features which we feel good about.

For more information, please see this article PostgreSQL 15 logical replication enhancements - In Action, which include a demo video on Logical replication enhancements – Tables in schema:

Which feature is missing in PostgreSQL?

We would love to see logical replication of DDL commands, and better way to allow N-Way logical replication which helps distributed workloads.

As well as Flashback Database, which is something former Oracle users often ask for. Delayed standby is more cumbersome, risky, and timely.

Thank you!