Interview with EDB

Any views or opinions represented or expressed in this interview belong solely to the interviewee and do not neccessarily represent those of the PGDay UK 2023 organisation, PostgreSQL Europe, or the wider PostgreSQL community, unless explicitly stated.

In which areas do you expect PostgreSQL to grow most and how does your company contribute to and benefit from that growth?

We expect to see tremendous growth as companies build new applications in the Cloud. From self-managed private clouds to fully-managed public clouds, Postgres is the most prolifically deployed database in modern data architectures. With more than 300 dedicated developers, and more than 30 percent of Postgres code contributions, EDB is the leading source of innovation in this technology.

What is your PostgreSQL centered product?

EDB contributes more code than any other company to PostgreSQL, developers’ most loved database. EDB builds Postgres, alongside a vibrant, independent community. This means our customers have direct access to the experts shaping the direction of the technology. Our technology approach delivers a “single database everywhere” to any platform including self-managed private clouds and self-managed public clouds, but our fully managed public cloud is the most important accelerator. With the largest concentration of Postgres technologists and developers, EDB is uniquely positioned to support the complex data demands of mission-critical applications.

What is your company’s mission?

Our mission enables enterprises everywhere to harness the full power of Postgres. We use technology to drive better business outcomes and solve our customer’s most complex data challenges. Whether on premises or in the cloud, we are empower customers with solutions for Oracle compatibility as well as high availability, reliability, scalability and security. Alongside a robust independent open source community, we have made Postgres an extraordinary database, superior to legacy proprietary databases and more universally applicable for developers than speciality databases.

What makes your company a great place to work?

People want to be a part of an impactful company in the market. That starts with true category leadership and extends into software product leadership. This is EDB in the database category for Postgres. People also want to be a part of a company with heart. At EDB, we prioritize the wellbeing of the team and provide opportunities for personal growth, including the chance to learn emerging technologies.

How do you foster diversity in your company?

At EDB, we believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We embrace the fact that diversity has tangible benefits to organisations, particularly in technology settings.

The diversity within our company reflects the rich diversity of the Postgres community. We encourage lasting, collaborative innovation focused on adding value. Our team, including our executive leadership team, represents a spectrum of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Regardless of our differences, we are grounded in the shared mission of enabling enterprises to thrive with the full power of Postgres.

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